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Our family makes healthy snacks so our 5 kids can eat unlimited snacks, knowing they're always good for them. If this is your first time visiting our website we'd like to give you a little freebie for your first order. Use the link / coupon code TRAILBLAZERFRIENDS to get 1 free item when you purchase 4.
It means so much to us if you share your experience with our snack to your friends. When we first told our friends we were going to make healthy veggie chips, they pretty much eye rolled and either said that sounds yucky, or I've already had veggie straws... but once they tasted them... wowzers, they LOVED them. I'm hoping you can tell your friends too that they need to give them a try and experience how delicious raw produce that's been Fresh-Dry(TM) can be. Here's a link to explain a little more of Fresh-Dry technology. 
Fresh-Dry Technology – Trailblazer Food Co
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