Fresh-Dry Technology

What is Fresh-Dry(TM)?

Fresh-Dry(TM) is a new process designed to preserve the nutrients and flavors of fresh produce. We strive to keep the produce raw by avoiding oxidation and heat, which degrade nutrients when food is cooked. Our process starts with fresh produce, which we wash, cool and vacuum dry. Once packaged, we add an oxygen absorber to keep them fresh, but most importantly you need to keep them in a cool dark place to avoid loosing nutrients.

How do you dry your products?

We use a powerful vacuum to pull water molecules from fresh produce. This drys the produce without cooking away the colors, flavors and nutrients.

How is this different from freeze drying?

Freeze dried produces are designed for long term storage and rehydration. Our snacks are designed to melt in your mouth as a ready to eat snack. We don't recommend that you cook or rehydrate them, as they will not have the same texture as freeze dried products.

Trailblazer has a patent pending on our process.